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Grow Your Lovespace has been facilitating + traveling with its three signature sacred spaces since 2016! Although based in Austin, TX we’ve been able to touch + reach communities/groups all throughout Texas + beyond. But its time to return to the individual! Yoga Off The Mat, one on one is an opportunity to experience this transformative sacred space in an intimate, safe setting. Sessions are available in person or online via Zoom!

Yoga Off The Mat is a perspective shift of the practice of Yoga. This sacred space incorporates tea presence ceremony, guided meditation, mudra practice + time at the end for insight embodiment, to deepen personal + spiritual growth. This space shifts focus from the physical practice (postures) of Yoga to the non-physical elements of Yoga. Yoga Off The Mat was created to remind people that Yoga can be practiced, off the Yoga mat.

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You are not locally based + have wanted to experience on of my sacred spaces

If you ARE locally based but have not been able to make one of my sacred spaces

You are more comfortable in one on one spaces where you are being vulnerable + introspective

You are interested in learning more about tea + how it can become a meaningful, intentional daily practice

You are interested in being guided in meditation + learning about hasta (hand) mudras (gestures) that can inform personal + spiritual growth

You just want some space + time for yourself + want to be led through that experience



I guide you through an experience with tea + presence. You will tune into all of your senses, allowing yourself to anchor right into the moment. You will also be educated about the tea you are drinking (if in person).



Hasta mudras are gestures of the hands that assist your connection with your physical health, psychological wellness + spiritual growth. Each gesture simply allows you to connect deeper to its core quality. Linking this practice with the breath creates an elevated experience. We will customize the chosen mudra to your personal intention for the session.



I guide you through a meditation that coincides with the chosen mudra. Sitting silently, dope/high vibe music in the background, holding the mudra, my voice guiding you. The ultimate experience!



The last part of this space is time for your to share + process your experience. Depending on what you need, this can be you talking + sharing or more conversational where I offer some intuitive guidance + insight.


“Time with tea is sacred. Consuming one of the most healing beverages in the world can also be a spiritual practice of presence, peace + intention. If you allow it, you can attune to all five of your senses which automatically opens up the intuitive faculty that we all have access to. You can learn from the tea + allow the tea to manifest insight within you just by being still + quiet with it!” - Mel, Creator of Grow Your Lovespace


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*Yoga Off The Mat One on One in-person sessions take place in your home. Below are the surrounding Austin areas to which I travel!

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