The Healing Vault is a digital collection of self paced, self study and Body-centered experiences to help you return to and connect with your Body, at your pace! Take a look at the video below to hear me share more detail about the Vault!



Up to this point, you may have found it hard to feel like you can take an individual, sovereign approach to your healing, personal and spiritual growth because there are SO MANY influencers and experts on the interwebs telling you what the perfect formula is.


You have found a safe place in your mind and intellect to ponder your personal and spiritual growth, so to consider taking intentional and embodied action to actually put it into practice, is a bit unnerving.


You have a deep sense that the way you have been approaching your personal healing and transformation hasn't been ideal - And that it's time to take a massive step into a new way that will serve you much better.


You are exhausted from all the overthinking about where to start, how to get started, why haven't you started yet and the constant self deprecating thoughts you hold on to - You are ready to step away from that narrative and into a new, healthy practice for your healing 


You're ready to create an intentional practice that you can sustain


You're ready to return to and live in your Body


You're ready to integrate simple "in your body" practices that heed profound shift and impact in your life


You're ready to embody your healing


The Healing Vault is the space for you.