Melanie's teaching and guidance is what I didn't realize I was missing until I found it. She has led me in Yoga and meditation, but most recently, I booked a Life Realignment Session with her. She helped me to find peace, focus and confidence in my ability to reconnect to my inner voice. The Reiki session that followed was a restorative experience and Melanie created a safe and judgement-free space for me. Our session together helped calm my anxiety and regain perspective to deal with some big life events and I walked away with a brand new energy that has carried me since our session.

Stephanie G.

Melanie is an amazing being and awesome Yoga instructor. She has a style of teaching that blends the present moments of your life with the class, so no matter what "things" are on your mind, in your heart and attached to your spirit, it is addressed. Her class moves like a small wave! Her Yoga In Color class is great for anyone at all levels of Yoga and it is a welcome retreat from day to day happenings. Get your life and get some more life and attend her class!

Geoffrey R.

My journey to self has been nothing short of enlightening. Adding Yoga In Color to my practice was one of the best things I did for SELF. Learned there was a Black lady in Austin leading Yoga and my nosy soul wanted to check her out! Finally I attended one of her Chakra Series classes [ and ] like a moth to a flame, instantly I was drawn in. All my senses were engaged, I breathed, was present and remained grounded. It has been so nice to have such a wonderful soul lead Yoga and meditation. For me, Yoga In Color reinforces my practice and Whoosaa Wednesday continues the flow and encourages my sanity

-Latasha B.

From the moment I met Mel, I was comforted by her energy. This alone intrigued me to take her Yoga In Color class. I can't explain how great it felt to attend a Yoga class, where Black people are usually under-represented, where we were the majority. I loved the intimacy of the class and being vulnerable enough to share our intentions with each other. And then to breathe to the same music that gets me through hectic days was #straightvibes. Mel's class not only inspired me to practice Yoga, but also challenged me to grow my lovespace. She definitely brings a unique experience to Black yogis and a really dope class for everyone to enjoy.

-Leandra K.

My experience at Yoga In Color has been one of spiritual enlightenment and physical expansion. My enhanced mental state has allowed me to do things with my body that I couldn't have imagined. Yoga In Color is a true purveyor of peace between my mind, body and soul

-Muhammad S.

I've had the pleasure of attending both Yoga In Color and Yoga Off The Mat with Melanie. She is the type of empathic healer that is needed in Austin. For me, personally, I appreciate her authenticity and immense generosity it takes to create space for vulnerability and communion. During Mel's classes, I have moved passed misconceptions; not only pertaining to the practice of Yoga, but misconceptions that I've held of myself and how I interact with others. The energy that Melanie exudes has helped me tap into parts of my nature that I wasn't aware I had stifled. Thank you. You are a breath of fresh air and magic to a beginner yogi of color!

Kendra W.

Finding myself and my path spiritually has not been an easy undertaking. But as I go along my path, the Universe has placed gems along the way to guide me, to pour into me and help me focus on honing my gifts. Melanie has been one of the brightest gems. Her voice, her words, her coaching, have been more like conversations spoken between our souls. Each interaction has been a moment I treasure. She has helped me focus, to quiet my own inner noise and find my center. This queen's guidance is beyond her years. I am grateful to have someone on this journey inward that I trust enough to feel safe being human with. Melanie and Grow Your Lovespace continue to bless my life- mind, body and soul.

-Kassaundra O.

I am so grateful to attend Melanie's Yoga In Color classes. With grace, corazon y alma, Melanie creates a healing space for people pf color to nourish our physical, mental and emotional health. The practice of Yoga is ultimately a personal journey and at the same time we benefit from a sense of community to fuel us along the way. That is the essence of Yoga In Color, community. I thank Melanie for holding this sacred space for me and others like me to show up and just be there for ourselves and each other. It is a blessing to leave each practice Melanie guides with a renewed sense of peace and liberation. Gracias, amiga.

Joann R.

Its been a year since I've been a Yogi of color under the guides of Melanie. I am grateful for Melanie's warmth and her openness with her students. Its so refreshing! Grow Your Lovespace is where it's at for me. Side note: the playlists and the live acoustics for our sessions is the icing on the cake!!

Shan A.

My experiences with Melanie have been divine. Being new to the Austin area I was searching for others who I can culturally and spiritually relate to. Yoga Off The Mat with Melanie was such and intensely freeing moment that has helped me experience Austin, Texas in a way that I believe we all deserve. She is a beautiful soul whose passion for life is evident in all the ways she talks, walks and lives. Thank you Melanie, for all you do!

Krystal G.

Upon entering her space, whether a class of chance encounter, you will feel the peace Melanie instills with little effort. After my first experience with one of her classes, I felt the most lifted and relieved I've ever felt after taking a Yoga class since I started practicing 5 years ago! Her classes guide you through looking upon and into yourself

Nadia S.

Grow Your Lovespace's Yoga In Color is truly a life centering experience. Melanie is an incredible community healer who creates an atmosphere that meets each person where they are physically, energetically and spiritually. Melanie challenges us to remain grounded in our intentions while also challenging us to grow in vulnerability. Whether Yoga In Color or Yoga Off The Mat, Melanie provides everyone a holistic experience. Thanks coach Mel!

Kristina B.

Attending Yoga Off The Mat marked my second yoga experience. The first, being a fast paced vinyasa that peaked my interest in jumpstarting a new lifestyle - with yoga included. I brought my mat to class expecting a physical flow to commence, but Melanie met me spiritually. She inspires even in the quietest of moments. Her devotion to her purpose of healing is evident and very rare. The space was nurturing, I was safe. I felt empowered to search my heart for areas of uncertainty and exchange any hurt for freedom. I will never forget the inward journey guided by Melanie and will certainly log regular attendance!

Jessica VK.