Grow Your Lovespace Tea + Tisane Pair

Grow Your Lovespace Tea + Tisane Pair


Tune into presence with this lovely pair of unique, custom loose leaf tea + tisane blends, created with love + intention, specifically for Grow Your Lovespace! Allow yourself to experience Yoga in a cup + create the Grow Your Lovespace Vibe by pouring a cup of tea as you breathe deep + sit with an Insight or Affirmation card from the Rooted + Growing Card Deck!

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Time with tea is a sacred event + practice that can add the spirit of intention, presence + deep peace into any ritual or moment of silences. It can evoke introspection + connection, with yourself + others.

Light Work

The first word that comes to mind while drinking this tea is “ceremony”. This blend puts you in an intentional state of being. It evokes a feeling of “I appreciate this time of stillness, now I am ready to move”. Uplifting + grounding.

Caffeinated - Morning or midday recommended - Steep time: 3-4 mins - Steep temp: 195 degrees

Ingredients: Oolong, White tea, Rose, Lavender, Lemongrass, Cinnamon


This luscious blend is tangy and sensuous. Brings about calming indulgence of your senses and the present moment.

Non caffeinated - Anytime of day recommended - Steep time: 5 mins - Steep temp: 208 degrees

Ingredients: Jasmine Flower, Hibiscus, Dandelion Root, Lemongrass

10 Unbleached tea bags included

About 10-12 *servings (cups of tea) per jar

*1 serving is about a teaspoon of loose leaf


Natural antioxidants. Can sooth anxiety + depressive mood by calming the central nervous system. High vitamin C. Clears bladder, kidneys, intestines


Induces calm. Boosts dopaminen lowers cortisol (stress hormone). Anti inflammatory. Antioxidant. Antibacterial 


Cooling. Aids digestion. Detoxifying + cleansing. Antibacterial. Anti fungal. Nerve calming


Antibacterial. Anti fungal. Cooling. Stimulating. Enhance digestion

Jasmine Flower

Stress reliver. Calming. Relaxing. Sensuality stimulant. Uplifting


Restores hormonal imbalance. Anti inflammatory. Digestive aid. Calming

Dandelion Root

Energy booster. Powerful diuretic. Liver + kidney detoxifier. Antioxidant