Grow Your Lovespace Vibe Experience

Grow Your Lovespace Vibe Experience


Get the Grow Your Lovespace Vibe with the Rooted + Growing Card Deck, the Tea + Tisane Pair + a Yoga Off The Mat One on One Session to experience sacred space wherever you are! Yoga Off The Mat One on One incorporates tea presence ceremony, guided meditation + mudra practice + space to embody the insights you gain from your experience! This session is available both online + in-person!

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Rooted + Growing Card Deck

42 unique designed cards with rounded corners
Cards comes shrink wrapped for extra protection

Perfect present for a personal + spiritual reset

The quotes, insights + affirmations in this deck are my offering to your personal + spiritual growth journey. May they allow you moments of silence, stillness, introspection and self awareness to evoke intentional perspective shifts that will allow you to deeply root into this human experience + grow more space, for healing.

Custom Blended Loose Leaf Pair

Light Work

The first word that comes to mind while drinking this tea is “ceremony”. This blend puts you in an intentional state of being. It evokes a feeling of “I appreciate this time of stillness, now I am ready to move”. Uplifting + grounding.

Caffeinated - Morning or midday recommended - Steep time: 3-4 mins - Steep temp: 195 degrees

Ingredients: Oolong, White tea, Rose, Lavender, Lemongrass, Cinnamon


This luscious blend is tangy and sensuous. Brings about calming indulgence of your senses and the present moment.

Non caffeinated - Anytime of day recommended - Steep time: 5 mins - Steep temp: 208 degrees

Ingredients: Jasmine Flower, Hibiscus, Dandelion Root, Lemongrass

10 Unbleached tea bags included

About 10-12 *servings (cups of tea) per jar

*1 serving is about a teaspoon of loose leaf

Yoga Off The Mat One on One

Yoga Off The Mat is a perspective shift of the practice of Yoga. This sacred space incorporates tea presence ceremony, guided meditation, mudra practice + time at the end for insight embodiment, to deepen personal + spiritual growth. This space shifts focus from the physical practice (postures) of Yoga to the non-physical elements of Yoga. Yoga Off The Mat was created to remind people that Yoga can be practiced, off the Yoga mat.

75 minutes *in person or via Zoom

*A direct scheduling link will be emailed after your purchase

Click here to learn more about Yoga Off The Mat One on One