The Rooted + Growing Deck is a tangible, sacred tool for creating and connecting to intention, presence and intuitive guidance, enriching your daily personal and spiritual growth journey.

The insights and affirmations in this deck are an offering from Melanie’s personal and spiritual growth journey to yours. It was lovingly created to evoke healing, introspection and as a remembering, of our innate power as human-spirit beings. The Rooted + Growing Deck can be used as a sacred tool for moments of silence, stillness, self awareness, self reflection, self exploration and intentional perspective shifts that will allow you to deeply root into this human experience and grow more space, for healing. It is also a great addition to a traditional tarot card spread.



Full Ass Human is a movement, personal and collective declaration to return to accepting and embracing your humanness, fully and shamelessly. This apparel/product line was created to spread this movement and and message and serve as a reminder that being human, is to be honored, is sacred and quite frankly, is sexy!


Fully rooting into, embracing and loving all dimensions of me, all parts of this human experience, allows and creates space to grow my personality and my spirit.

I am no longer denying, rejecting or dismissing my humanness. I acknowledge how my human experience inform my divinity. I move through this experience breathing, healing and being with intention.

I facilitate awakening in myself and the world, just by choosing this perspective and way of being.