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“...Or how when a woman reclaims the feminine movement in her hips, it can stir deep ancestral memories stored in her very cells. So if you want to speak your truth, start by getting into your body” - Linda Katz, Founder of Singing Bird Coaching



Grow Your Lovespace has been facilitating + traveling with its three signature sacred spaces since 2016! In fact, from January to June of 2018 the Sacred Feminine Yoga sacred space toured 5 different cities across the nation! But, its time to return to the individual, which is why I want to offer this sacred space in a one on one format! Sacred Feminine Yoga One on One is an opportunity to experience this transformative sacred space in an intimate, safe setting. Sessions are available in person or online via Zoom! 



sacred feminine yoga One on One is for you if:

You are not locally based + have wanted to experience Sacred Feminine Yoga

If you ARE locally based but have not been able to make it to a Sacred Feminine Yoga session

You are more comfortable in one on one spaces where you are exploring your body, being vulnerable and introspective

You are interested in learning about what sensuality looks like a feels like in your body, and cultivating your feminine energy, without judgement or shame

You are interested in being guided through an experience of sensual embodiment, presence + self exploration

You just want some space + time for yourself + want to be led through that experience



I will guide you through a movement sequence influenced by your intention for our time together! We will be moving on our Yoga mats, together, then there will be time for you to move independently and intuitively, all while look at yourself in the mirror.



(if in person)

I guide you through an experience with tea + presence. You will tune into all of your senses, evoking a sense of feeling grounded after moving though our sequence. You will also be educated about the tea you are drinking (if in person).



The last part of this space is time for your to share + process your experience. Depending on what you need, this can be you talking + sharing or more conversational where I offer some intuitive guidance + insight.


Schedule your sacred space below!

*Sacred Feminine Yoga One on One in-person sessions take place in your home. PLEASE HAVE A STANDING MIRROR AVAILABLE FOR YOUR SESSION! Below are the surrounding Austin areas to which I travel!

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