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Sensuality is a pathway to connect with our divinity. This space was created to introduce women to the strength, power + awakening that lies within rebuilding + deepening the relationship with their sensuality + femininity.

Sacred Feminine Yoga is one of the newest additions to Grow Your Lovespace's Sacred Spaces. Through sensual movement + breath-work, women to explore their bodies,  practice moving with intention +  unleash their sensual + feminine energy in the presence of other women, in sisterhood. Sacred Feminine Yoga includes a sensual Yoga flow + sister sharing circle with tea ceremony.

Grow Your Lovespace will be touring with Sacred Feminine Yoga in 2019. Want to experience this sacred space in your city?  Submit your request below.

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Yoga In Color is a safe space for women + men of color to move, breathe + heal together. Participants connect + become empowered while in the presence of others who look like + share similar cultural experiences to themselves.

Created in March 2016, Yoga In Color has continued to be a staple healing space + Yoga community for people of color in Austin, TX + surrounding areas. This sacred space includes slow, mindful movement, breath-work + a sharing circle to encourage vulnerability + community building.

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Yoga Off The Mat is a perspective shift of the practice of Yoga. This space incorporates tea presence ceremony, guided meditation, mudra practice + a sharing circle to deepen personal + spiritual growth.

This space shifts focus from the physical practice (postures) of Yoga to the non-physical elements of Yoga. Yoga Off The Mat was created to remind people that Yoga can be practiced, off the Yoga mat.

Yoga Off The Mat is the signature sacred space that Grow Your Lovespace facilitates for Keynote Presentations and workshops at organizations + corporations.