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You’ve been taught that your mind, your logic, and your reasoning reign supreme when navigating life.


Yes, the mind is powerful, but your mind and intellect will not support you in embodying a new, healthy and sacred relationship with your body. Your mind is fluent in your projections and patterns and does not always have the ability to process and access the depths of lived experience and energetic barriers that lie in the body.


What if I told you...


The wisdom, answers, clarity, guidance and truth you desire are lying dormant in your body just waiting for you to conjure and awaken them. The body communicates information to you before your mind can even formulate a thought about an experience. Your body holds on to and creates a memory for everything you go through in your lifetime. Just as it has the ability to hold on and lock in, it has the miraculous ability to unblock, shed, release and cultivate healing in the process.



I know along your journey, you’ve had a checkered, love-hate relationship with your body.


Feeling awkward about how certain movement looks in your body, hiding parts, totally disassociating or disconnecting with it due to traumatic experience and self hate, pushing and killing yourself with mechanical workouts to reach a goal that was never really yours to begin with, dying to look like something other than what you are.


What if I told you...


Your body is yearning to be in relationship with you. It wants you to sink into your sensual nature. It wants you to move it slowly, with intention and for the purpose of inviting flow, pleasure, softening and opening. No agenda, just the desire to feel and sense, deeply. To clear, heal and reconnect.


Your self healing power is accessible in the unique movement of your body. Accessible in your hands, your breath and your willingness to tap into and become fluent in your own sensual and feminine energy; without shame, fear, guilt or judgement.


It’s about tapping into your innate wisdom, self-healing ability and expression of your feminine energy.


Through embodied self study, Intuitive Movement and sisterhood, you illuminate the unchecked disconnection with your physical (and sensual) body. 


In this process, you birth a new narrative and reality that unleashes your self healing power. 


You find pleasure, joy and freedom in a fuller expression of yourself and your unique energy, in front of yourself and in front of the world.


You build trust in your own rhythm, while allowing yourself to be seen, heard and held in a beautiful sisterhood.

I'm Ready!

Although movement is at the center, here are supplementary modalities that will be included in our work together

Diving in : What's Inside

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Access Return To Body for $1333

  • Immediate access to the Mentorship platform, Embodied Healing Handbook + Replenish Your Spirit Guidebook
  • Two (2) weekly gatherings. One live lesson/discussion and one guided movement experience with me via Zoom
  • A beautiful, supportive sisterhood on Voxer Chat
  • Bonus: The Rooted + Growing Card Deck
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Two Payment Plan

Access Return To Body for $666.50

  • Immediate access to the Mentorship platform, Embodied Healing Handbook + Replenish Your Spirit Guidebook
  • Two (2) weekly gatherings. One live lesson/discussion and one guided movement experience with me via Zoom
  • A beautiful, supportive sisterhood on Voxer Chat
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Mel has truly changed my life in just 6 weeks. I've gained independence, confidence, and an understanding of what I truly needed in life. She taught us to let go of what society and social media tells us we should be doing, and guided me into figuring out what I need and want for me and me only. I'm so grateful for her and her program, and to the wonderful other women in the group!

- Abbey S


The Mentorship was worth every single penny. I’m so proud of myself for doing it. I see this as the first step toward putting my peace of mind as a top priority, I feel vastly different in my day to day life. And I’ve even had my manager comment on my increased focus and dedication (not to mention that Mel taught me how to be a literal creator of my own reality, which has blown my mind in how much it’s done for me)

- Nikki M


Honestly, for me, this has been a really liberating and informative space that I felt akin to. You made me acknowledge my authentic self, my inner badassery, unforgiving sensuality and strength in my femininity. And you broke thing down so eloquently so that even a total newbie can understand and relate. You are empowered and educated my spirit and soul!

- Alisha B


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