You have powerful healing abilities literally in the palms of your hands. Unfortunately it is common forget that your hands are also apart of your body. They offer wisdom and information that can support in all dimensions of your growth; mind, body and spirit.  


This is why the sacred practice of Mudra is such a potent self healing tool to integrate into your daily life. Mudras are intentional gestures of the face, hands of body that unlock immense healing potential with you. This foundational Masterclass is a beautiful introduction to the sacred art and science of Mudra. 


Learn the origins of Mudra, their profound benefits and effects on mental, emotional, physical and even energetic health and the science behind the connection of the hands with the rest of the body, including the brain. 


In this Masterclass you'll learn:

- What are mudras

- Why it is important to tap into the healing power of your hands

- Origins of Mudra as sacred practice

- Science of Mudra

- Benefits and healing capacity of Mudra

- Tips to create your own personal practice

- My Top 3 favorite mudras

BONUS: Guided meditation education on Hridaya Mudra


 The pre-recorded masterclass video will be included along with a separate PDF of the slides!

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