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Melanie is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, insightful writer, intuitive healer, tea snob  and creator of Yoga In Color, Yoga Off The Mat and Sacred Feminine Sensual Yoga. Her passion is to spread the perspective that embracing and rooting into our human experience is a valuable survival tool and direct path to spiritual growth and healing. Overcoming her own experience with living outside of her body, allowing her past, her fear and inner turmoil to dominate and dictate the way she engaged with herself and the world, Melanie settled into her purpose of demystifying limiting perspectives of what it means to be present, intentional, mindful and conscious. Her deepest commitment to people is to hold space for them to facilitate their own transformation into presence, intention and deeper awareness. To reconnect to, accept and be present with their unique version of the human experience. She creates sacred spaces for you to be as present and human as possible.

In addition to the healing realm, Melanie has also been on her entrepreneural journey for three years and enjoys consulting with individuals about entrepreneurship from a Yoga perspective.


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