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In A Nutshell

Over the last three years, I have become a coveted resource for many organizations, retreats + small businesses in the Central Texas area for facilitating transformative, healing, community spaces. My passion for inspiring + evoking presence, intention, peace, warmness + healing has allowed me to serve + live in my purpose. I remind the world that through the all-encompassing practice of Yoga, we gain deep acceptance of our humanity. I incorporate Yoga, meditation, tea ceremony + engaging group conversation in my sacred spaces to offer tangible tools + experiences for personal + spiritual growth.

From my own experience spending a sizable portion of my life dwelling inside my head, out of my body, rejecting my emotions + choosing non serving life perspectives — allowing my past, my fear, inner conflict + detrimental overthinking to dominate + dictate the way I was in relationship with myself + the world, over time, I learned that, not running from, but being present with my unique human experience was + is one of my (our) most valuable survival skills. 


Every day, that I can remember, from about 7 years old to about 19 years old, I felt emptiness, darkness, inner conflict, continuous suffering, self-hate + completely uncomfortable in my body. I had a skin condition that made me the center point of disgusting jokes + ridicule like you would not believe. As a result, I became very implosive, retreated into my intellect to cope + developed a horrible attitude + hard exterior to protect myself from others in an attempt to survive the sadness + exude confidence. I carried this armor with me for several years. I was completely consumed with inner turbulence + spiritual disconnection/crisis . Luckily, there were distinct turning points that led me on this path to creating Grow Your Lovespace + my present life.


My "why" is a result of my walk.

In 2007 I experienced a nervous break down in my dorm room at Howard University as a result of an identity + spiritual crisis. I was shedding traditional religious beliefs + wasn’t in a place to confidently embody what felt true to me about the intangible world. I was so disconnected from my life, that I briefly contemplated suicide. I remember asking for a sign to help me + save me. The next day while in my school’s bookstore, I was literally led to a book called Path To Truth, which, in that moment, seemed to confirm every belief + perspective that I felt an affinity to; metaphysics, energy, Universal laws, meditation, Yoga + the law of attraction. Immediately something inside me clicked+ shifted, from that moment on, I dove into myself, this time, with healing as my intention.

In 2012 I met up with one of my close friends + I shared with her that I was happy about how my internal life was changing, however, I still felt fearful of everything going on in the world + I felt small, anxious + stagnant. I remember sharing in detail about my fear + how I felt it was hindering me. I know this sounds so very simple, but in that moment, her response was so profound. She simply said, “then don’t be scared. Stop being scared.” I shifted again.

In 2013 I was fully embodying my beliefs + I decided to listen to a strong internal pull to move to Austin, TX. I quit my well paying job, packed up a moving truck + moved to a city where I had no job + knew no one, but I had absolutely no fear or doubt because I was listening + being led from the inside. This was the first time in my life I completely surrendered to that.

In 2014 After a year of research + searching my soul, I entered into a life coaching training because I knew I was ready to start creating healing space for individuals + hold space for them to transform their lives through digging into themselves the same way I did. When I found this program, I felt like it was another block falling into place. I felt in alignment. Soon after Lovespace Coaching was born

In 2015 I had to set down the idea of being a “life coach” because holding space for people in that way didn’t feel good to me. It felt robotic + not genuine. So I shifted the name of my business to Grow Your Lovespace because I knew the mission was much greater + I needed an name that encompassed that.

In 2016 A year after finishing my coaching certification, I entered into a therapeutic/trauma conscious Yoga teacher training. I had a strong desire to incorporate the practice + lifestyle I cultivated for my own life, into how I served others. This is where facilitating sacred space came to the forefront of my work. The rest, is history.


If you're still here, I appreciate you for rocking with me + reading a snippit of my story! My highest values are transparency, honesty + connection + sharing my story is an ode to honoring those. I'd love to continue connecting with you + one of the best ways to do that is joining my online sacred space - just enter your email. Although I am also active on social media, joining this online sacred space offers you a monthly dose of insight, intention + presence in your inbox; maybe more if someting REALLY exciting is happening! And you get this step by step and FREE guide called Replenish Your Spirit as soon as your sign up. It will guide you through the four most important steps to creating sacred space in your home to build more peace in your daily life + replenish your spirit.