Your Energy Is Your Resume [Video Included]

I have gotten tons of questions lately about how my “energy has gotten to where it is”, which I take to mean, how I have developed a presence that is warm, loving and healing. Although this is extremely flattering, I want to reiterate that I am by no means perfect and that I have committed, daily, to being intentional about practicing being, in energy, all the things I want to manifest in my life. Personal and spiritual growth are both journeys, not destinations.

This is why it becomes imperative to develop a toolbox of tangible practices that allow you to actively cultivate your relationship with yourself, and your relationship with your own energy. For example, there are so many of us that constantly declare that we want to experience peace, abundance, love, joy, calm, health etc, but we don’t ever practice cultivating them within ourselves and our lives in any intentional way. First thing for us to understand is, these are more than words. These are entities of energy. Peace is an energy. Abundance is an energy. Joy is an energy. They are ways of being that we can cultivate within to then radiate out. And quite frankly, we have the opportunity to experience these or any other intangible qualities you can think of, by declaring that we ARE them, now.

Did I lose you on that last sentence?! Simply put, you have the power to speak life into the energy you want to experience in your life. A simple way to practice that, is to declare that YOU ARE the energy you want to attract, on all dimensions of yourself. Once you develop this practice, not only do you begin to feel connected to these ways of being, but you also open yourself up to become aware of what you may need to shift in your life and within yourself that will allow you to really become the energy you are seeking. This may all sound a little wacky, but trust me, I will not leave you hanging. I recorded a video below to show you exactly what I am talking about and share my personal I Am Vibration practice with you so that you can go on to create your own. Now don’t get me wrong, there is such a vast array of ways to heal and transform ourselves that go much deeper than an affirmation practice, however, this practice has truly had a profound affect on me and how I show up in my life and in the world. It has reminded me that I can practice being, within myself, all the things I have been taught can only be experienced when attached to tangible goals. It has reminded me that I am, already, what I am seeking.

I have eight words (energies/vibrations) that I have been utilizing for this practice for the last three or four years. I have declared that I really want to take on the qualities of those energies. I want to become them in order to serve myself and the world, better. Through this practice, you are declaring “this is how I want to show up, this is the energy that I want to introduce me, this is the energy I want others to feel when they are in my presence, this is the energy I want to feel when I’m in my own presence.”

Take a look as I show you my practice! Once you’ve watched, download your I Am Vibration card below the video to begin creating your own practice!

The only line not included in the video is “I send all that I am out into the Universe, knowing that it will return to me and I am open, ready and willing to receive.” This line can be stated right before taking your hands up the center of your body in Anjali Mudra as demonstrated in the video! Here is an example from an Instagram post where that line is included! When choosing your ‘words’ you want to recite them as a noun. Example, if healthy is something you want to experience, you would write as Health. If calmness is something you want to experience, write as Calm! Drop a comment down below and share the words/energy you chose for your practice or your experience with it!