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Receiving Abundantly As Your Birthright: Adhara Mudra

Feb 20, 2021


I've been spending a lot of time with Adhara Mudra lately.

It is the gesture of support for receiving abundantly. 

Mudras are gestures of the hands, face and body that ignite and unlock the healing potential throughout the body. I created a foundational mudra masterclass for you to learn more!


With everything currently going on in Texas around the the winter storm, water, heat and power outages, it's been deeply important for me to stay connected to ritual and gratitude to evoke spiritual reassurance, grounding and my parasympathetic nervous system (our body's healing system).


Remember, that in the most adverse times, those are the moments in which all of these embodied practices, presence and self healing tools are more imperative and potent. When life is 'good' and it seems 'easy' to find time and space for the rituals and practices that make you feel connected to yourself and the Divine - it is secretly priming and preparing yourself to remember what to...

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