The Gift of Integration to Avoid Spiritual Burnout

Apr 23, 2021
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The Gift of Integration to Avoid Spiritual Burnout

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Have you ever heard of spiritual burnout?


I am sure you have heard about burnout as it relates to work and life overall. Where you reach a point of physical, mental, energetic and even emotional exhaustion as a result of extending yourself beyond your capacity. You place pressure on yourself for extended periods, you leak energy until your inner and outer resources essentially, burn out.


There is also such thing as spiritual burnout.


When you deeply immerse yourself in spiritual, inner work for long periods of time, without allowing yourself to step back and let what you've learned and shifted, have space to absorb and integrate. You read all the spiritual/self help books, buy the workshops, go to the retreats, join the programs, commit to all the things - which of course is not bad. But again, in an attempt to be "doing" all the things to aid in your growth, healing and ascension, you lose sight of the truth that making space for "being" all the things is of deep importance.


At the end of my Yoga In Color classes, when I facilitated in person, while everyone was in corpse pose, I would always remind them that this was the time to simply let their body integrate and absorb all that it just did. All that shifted within. Additionally, in the Embodied Healing Circle Mentorship, there are two weeks intentionally designated specifically for integration.


Space for integrating all you are learning and tapping into is apart of the process.


I have two dope analogies for what I am talking about.


For my avid worker outers.

Think of when you are on the treadmill for a while. Once you stop the treadmill and begin to walk around, it still feels like you are moving on the treadmill. But after a while, you find your own footing again. You allowed yourself time to acclimate to navigating the world, off the treadmill. Of course, you will get on the treadmill again, but for now, you are taking time to be in the world, integrating in your body you experienced on the treadmill.


For my fellow music heads.

I love to compare this to when I am in a season of deeeeep music exploration. I can go down the rabbit hole on Spotify, playing all the way through the playlist that is created from my current playlist, clicking on artists and related artists and just gathering, gathering, gathering, finding, finding, finding. But then I get to a point where I just want to stop the exploration and simply spend time with all the new music I found and added to my current playlists. To just let it all sink in and allow myself enjoy and INTEGRATE.


This is my reminder to you today. There is a place, time and season for doing. And there is an equally potent place, time and season for being. Create space for both on your journey.



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