3 Reasons To Begin Your Day With Movement

Mar 26, 2021
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3 Reasons To Begin Your Day With Movement
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All the blogs and Instagram 'wellness influencers' and even savvy business folks have been talking about starting your morning with a routine. Doing the same thing every morning to cultivate discipline but also to set a positive trajectory for your day.


While I absolutely advocate for beginning your day tuning into you before tuning into the world, I do not support rigidity in the process and practice. As a sentient human being, your vibes, energy and moods will be different EVERYDAY and it's important for you to be able to honor that without slipping into a spiral of self judgement and self deprecating dialogue if a few mornings look different than others, or if you didn't get to the morning things until the afternoon or the evening.


In my seasoned opinion, the REAL priority is the dedication to intentional time with yourself everyday as the goal; no matter when you get to it, as long as you get to it. However, if you are looking to start your mornings with a grounding practice that serves as an anchor of peace and ease to start your day, although there are SO MANY practices to tap into, today I am going to share 3 reasons to start your day with movement!


Reason One: To infuse the energy of Flow into your day

Your body stores so much, especially after a full day of human-ing, adult-ing and just simply interacting with the world through your senses. Then it all settles in your body for 6-8 hours when you sleep. When you wake up, your body is literally yearning for movement (and hydration). Movement is a beautiful way to move stagnant energy through your body. You are literally creating space and opening for energy to move freely through you, unlocking blockages and allowing more oxygen to move through your body and to your brain. This intentional opening in your body first thing in the day, in turn, creates space for ideas, creativity, inner messages and downloads to come through with much more ease, inevitably bringing the energy of Flow into the happenings of your day in a very potent, purposeful way.


Reason Two: Gratitude to the body

Just think about how miraculous the functions of your body are. One of the deepest ways you can pay reverence and gratitude to it; is to move it, while saying thank you. You wouldn't be able to do 99% of the things you do in your day without the function of movement, in any capacity. And because Gratitude is another powerful energy to begin your day with; you can kill to beautiful birds with one stone.


Reason Three: Deepen awareness of your body (wisdom center)

Before you start scrolling, driving, connecting with others, double tapping and taking in the world, you build some awareness of your personal baseline. You get clear information about how your body feels. What areas are tight or feel strained. What areas feel really open. What's your energy like. This is valuable intel, for a couple reasons rolled into one. When you actually begin to interact with the outside world, you gain a keener sense of what changes happen in your body as you come in contact with other stimuli, which is naturally building your intuitive muscle. Your ability to notice what signals your body is giving you when you are in certain environments, around certain people, doing certain things. You turn on your personal wisdom center first thing in the morning.


Keep in mind, if you don't get to some movement first thing EVERY morning, you are not a failure. Just stay connected, as much as you can, to these three rememberings about how potent movement can be to begin your day!


You can hop over into the The Healing Vault to browse some immersive experiences I created for you that incorporate Intuitive Movement (with a movement playlist) to support you in integrating this practice into your daily journey!




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