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Yoga is more than the physical practice (asana). Grow Your Lovespace sacred spaces were created to demystify the limiting perspectives of the all-encompassing practice of Yoga + to reintroduce Yoga as an attainable + accessible way of living, being + engaging with our lives. To connect you to the shifts + transformations you experience, on and off their Yoga mat.

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Rooting into your human experience in order to grow personally + spiritually begins with intention + presence. Intention is a state of being, rooted in a meaningful commitment to aligning with how you want to feel, be + show up in the moment, in the day or in your life. Presence simply means being in + embodying the moment. We live in a society where it is considered normal to suppress, deny + reject our humanity. Where it is normal for our mind, attention + focus to "be" in the past or the future. Presence + intention are ways of accepting, embracing + living in our human experience. Consciously choosing to access, not run from, our emotions, feelings, body sensations, inner voice + multi faceted human experience. Stepping into presence is an always evolving journey. Sometimes all it takes is a perspective shift, taking a step out of your head, into your body.



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