A sacred, healing container for mind, body spirit alignment and community centered around growth, healing and transformation


To deepen your commitment to your healing, personal and spiritual growth

To optimize and deepen the relationship with yourself (and others)

To become empowered in your abilities to self heal, self transform and navigate through your daily life journey with intention, in presence and in your body


I'm Ready!

Embodying your healing, growth and transformation means that you commit to living and being the highest version of you versus just imagining it. Do you know what that takes?


Mindful, intentional, committed action & practice.



The Embodied Healing Circle offers you a safe space to unlearn, relearn and remember the necessary tools and embodied practices that support you in taking daily, committed action to bring forth the highest vision you deeply desire for yourself and your life.


 This is an intimate and intensive 6 week group mentorship and healing experience for womxn centered around mind, body, spirit alignment and deepening an embodied healing practice through introspection, guided meditation, mudra work, tea presence practice, intuitive/sensual movement, feminine energy restoration and  embodiment and vulnerability in sisterhood.


And look, I know...


Up to this point you have created a vision in your mind about the woman you want to grow and transform into, but you've found it hard to fully commit to aligning with and embodying her


You have a deep sense that the way you have been approaching your personal healing and transformation hasn't been ideal - And that it's time to take a massive step into a new way that will serve you much better.


You are yearning to fully radiate your essence. You are ready to step away from old, untruthful narratives about yourself and your ability to grow, transform and heal yourself


You're ready to create an intentional, committed practice that you can sustain and feel supported by


You're ready to live your healing journey


You're ready to live your personal and spiritual growth journey


You're ready to embody your healing


I'm Ready To Join!

The Embodied Healing Circle is your safe, supportive container to unlearn and relearn. To be human, vulnerable and to allow a new way of healing, growing and transforming yourself, to unfold.

 So, welcome in!


And hey, I'm Melanie - Embodied Healing Guide and creator of the Grow Your Lovespace Method and movement. I know a thing or two about supporting women on their personal and spiritual journeys (5+ years worth to be exact) and I need you to hear this:


Mindset awareness, presence, intentional action to cultivate a deeper relationship with your mind, body, spirit and energy in your daily life equals more PEACE, more FULFILLMENT, and more JOY...


You are worthy of a new, healthy way of moving through your human experience without solely living and dwelling in your head space. Action and practice are in order.


It's time. You deserve this. And I’d be honored to walk with you and guide you on this journey. 


So if you want more clarity, a proven roadmap, personal, intimate mentorship, and to be apart of an amazing group of like minds supporting you on as you strive to create the life you are oh-so-deserving of living…


Click the button below to enroll in the Embodied Healing Circle!


Let Me In!

What is inside the Embodied Healing Circle?


Week 1

Opening The Mind Is A Miracle For The Spirit: 

Understanding Realignment Alchemy + Clarifying your commitment to your transformation


Week 2

Body As A Doorway To Spirit

Deep dive into Intuitive/Sensual Movement, Feminine Energy restoration/embodiment, Sensuality and pleasure for healing

| Live Guided intuitive/sensual movement experience |


Week 3

Integration Week 


Week 4

Ignite The Subtle Body To Awaken Your Self Healing Power

Introducing Meditation + Mudra as healing practice

| Live Guided Tea Presence Practice™ + Meditation experience |


Week 5

Being Seen: A Healing Practice

Diving into Vulnerability as a non-negotiable healing and growth practice


Week 6

Integration Week

Optional: Art of Surrender self paced lesson


BONUS: Personalized singing audio recording of your unique affirmation practice (created in week one!)




The Details:


Welcome gathering [ June 6th ]

Mentorship officially begins [ June 7th ]

6 weekly community gatherings [ via a Zoom call or guided experience ]

A beautiful, supportive community on Voxer Chat

Two Grow Your Lovespace unique guided experiences

Actionable Self Study prompts

Pre-recorded themed videos


The Schedule:


Welcome Gathering - Sunday June 6th 6p-7p CST

Week One Gathering - Sunday June 13th 6p-8p CST

Week Two Gathering - Monday June 21st 6p-8:30p CST

Week Three Gathering - Sunday June 27th 6p-7:30p CST

Week Four Gathering - Monday July 5th 6p-8p CST

Week Five Gathering - Sunday July 11th 6p-7:30p CST

Week Six gathering - Sunday July 18th 6p-7:30p CST


Why pre-recorded videos?

Education and guided insight can often be the difference between confused & frustrated and empowered & informed. I share my wisdom and insight at the beginning of each week. You are given space to integrate and practice, before we gather to share and discuss


Why Intuitive/Sensual Movement?

Movement is ESSENTIAL for anyone seeking mind and body wellness. It’s a remarkably effective way to connect to the breath that gives you life and the emotions that give COLOR to your life. You’ll receive prompts and high vibe playlists to master the expressive and healing art of movement.


Why Tea?

Tea with time is sacred space and a practice of presence and going inward. Being present with and caring for your mind, body and soul with tea rituals is a beautiful way to have an embodied experience with your healing. I’ll show you how with the best herbal tea education you’ll ever have.


Why Guided Meditation and Mudras?

Journeying within to bring about pure positive energy is how you tap into your highest and most-aligned self. Tuning into your breathe and subtle body through meditation in tandem with a mudra practice enhances your natural self healing faculty.


Why Community?

Moving through any significant shift, learning or transformation is a potent experience that can often be easier to integrate  and maintain when you have a supportive community to be vulnerable with, to be held accountable by and to lean on and receive support while on the journey. Community is so imperative and building that sisterhood as you move through the Mentorship is a beautiful, complementary component to your inner success.



When you pay in full for the Embodied Healing Circle, you get one (1) complimentary 1:1 Embodied Healing Session with me (a value of $333) 


Your 1:1 session with me is for personalized support as you move through this experience. I want to make sure you feel safe and held as you heal and transform. I'll guide you through a centering exercise and then open up the space for you to be vulnerable, share, ask questions, and I will offer any guidance you need in the moment!




(these are from women who have had BIG transformations from my work!)


Mel has truly changed my life in just 6 weeks. I've gained independence, confidence, and an understanding of what I truly needed in life. She taught us to let go of what society and social media tells us we should be doing, and guided me into figuring out what I need and want for me and me only. I'm so grateful for her and her program, and to the wonderful other women in the group!

- Abbey S


The Mentorship was worth every single penny. I’m so proud of myself for doing it. I see this as the first step toward putting my peace of mind as a top priority, I feel vastly different in my day to day life. And I’ve even had my manager comment on my increased focus and dedication (not to mention that Mel taught me how to be a literal creator of my own reality, which has blown my mind in how much it’s done for me)

- Nikki M


Honestly, for me, this has been a really liberating and informative space that I felt akin to. You made me acknowledge my authentic self, my inner badassery, unforgiving sensuality and strength in my femininity. And you broke thing down so eloquently so that even a total newbie can understand and relate. You are empowered and educated my spirit and soul!

- Alisha B

Pay In Full

Access The Embodied Healing Circle for $1444

  • Immediate access to the Mentorship platform, Embodied Healing Handbook + Replenish Your Spirit Guidebook
  • One (1) Welcome Gathering call and six (6) weekly gatherings via Zoom
  • A beautiful, supportive community on Voxer Chat
  • Bonus: One (1) complimentary 1:1 Embodied Healing Session 
  • Bonus: Personalized singing audio recording with your unique affirmation practice
  • Bonus: The Rooted + Growing Card Deck
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Two Payment Plan

Access The Embodied Healing Circle for $722

  • Immediate access to the Mentorship platform, Embodied Healing Handbook + Replenish Your Spirit Guidebook
  • One (1) Welcome Gathering call and six (6) weekly gatherings via Zoom
  • A beautiful, supportive community on Voxer Chat
  • Bonus: Personalized singing audio recording with your unique affirmation practice
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