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Drop your personal and spiritual growth practice from your head, into your body. Live your healing. Grow Your Lovespace! Get started below!


And so, it's time. To actually practice, live and BE your growth and healing versus intellectualizing it. To not only prioritize, but to realign with your mind, body and spirit. Grow Your Lovespace exists as a platform and methodology (which most recently includes my signature 6 Week Mentorship, The Embodied Healing Circle) to support and empower you to transform and heal yourself through mindful, embodied practice so that you create a reality that is rooted in sacred, practical, embodied practice and intentional action. This is how to continuously meet higher versions of yourself.


I am an Embodied Healing Guide. Over the past 6 years I have developed a sacred, practical and transformational method to successfully guide individuals on their journey of self healing, personal and spiritual growth. Incorporating a deeply valuable mix of actionable introspection and powerful embodied practices like guided meditation, mudra practice, movement, tea presence practice and healing community experiences, my clients step both feet into their healing journeys with potent, "in their body", tools and support to create and sustain an enduring personal transformation.

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Join me for a free guided meditation under the full moon on March 27th at 5:55pm CST via Zoom.You'll learn a mudra, be guided through meditation and we'll close with a sharing circle


Are you embodying your healing?

We are all on this journey to grow and evolve and it is important to actually put into practice and integrate, 'in your body', all that you learn so that you may continue to meet and become a higher, more aligned version of yourself. Telling yourself the truth about where you are is the most beautiful first step you can take!

So take the first step.



The Rooted + Growing Deck is a tangible, sacred tool for creating and connecting to intention, presence and intuitive guidance, enriching your daily personal and spiritual growth journey.


"Melanie's teaching and guidance is what I didn't realize I was missing until I found it. She helped me to find peace, focus and confidence in my ability to reconnect to my inner voice. Its was a restorative experience and Melanie created a safe and judgement-free space for me. Our session together helped calm my anxiety and regain perspective to deal with some big life events and I walked away with a brand new energy that has carried me since our session."

Stephanie G

"This was my first 1:1 session with Mel and I loved it. Walking me through her embodied principles was really enjoyable and easy to follow. The “layered” meditative experience is real and I learned more than I expected. I think Mel does a great job of letting you unearth the answers yourself and just guide you, as well as giving her own personal perspective. I will definitely do another in a few months and I actually have recommended her to close friends!"

Nikki M

"Melanie has an incredible ability for creating and supporting a sacred safe space for all who come to work with her. Melanie has a gift for guiding others through embodiment and allowing us to reconnect with formerly exiled parts of ourselves, to be seen fully by others, and to share in our collective healing. I know without a doubt, when I leave her, I will feel much more centered, in-tune, supported and uplifted."

Kat M

"Finding myself and my path spiritually has not been an easy undertaking. But as I go along my path, the Universe has placed gems along the way to guide me, to pour into me and help me focus on honing my gifts. Melanie has been one of the brightest gems. Her voice, her words, her coaching, have been more like conversations spoken between our souls. Each interaction has been a moment I treasure. She has helped me focus, to quiet my own inner noise and find my center. This queen's guidance is beyond her years. I am grateful to have someone on this journey inward that I trust enough to feel safe being human with. Melanie and Grow Your Lovespace continue to bless my life- mind, body and soul."

Kassaundra O

Embark on your journey to a more mindful, aligned, deeply embodied YOU!

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Embark on your journey to a more mindful, aligned, deeply embodied YOU!

Join the newsletter to receive your FREE copy of the Embodied Healing Handbook (and receive updates on virtual offerings, good vibes and healing musing to your inbox!)